be intentional with your time

You Need To Be Intentional With Your Time, Don’t Just ‘Do More’


Your time is your most valuable asset so you want to make sure you’re being intentional with it.

Let’s walk through where you might be falling into Do More culture and transform your time spent into intentional action.

Be intentional with YOUR time.

There are definitely ways you can get the most out of your time – and it only takes a little extra thought!

I come on strong, preaching the power of planning…

Planning your day, your week, your month… outlining your goals… all the things!

But let’s talk about why Do More goals aren’t helping anyone.

What is a Do More goal?

The law of Do More states that every unscheduled moment must be filled so you’re doing more.

But what’s actually happening here is that you’re making yourself busier, not more productive.

When you’re constantly going, you have to ask yourself what you’re moving towards or moving away from.

Are you trying to fill a FOMO gap or are you really trying to fill your time with something intentional? Or just avoiding alone time?


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If you’re beginning to suspect you’re subject to the Do More law, consider this –

You see free time and think you need to fill it.

Are you prone to seeing an ounce of free time during your week and then texting anyone and everyone to see what they’re doing?

Or are you prioritizing some downtime for yourself so you can mentally unwind?

It seems like now there’s always something going on and we have FOMO every day because so and so went on this adventure or that adventure.

But if you’re spending your time intentionally doing what you want to do, then you shouldn’t feel guilty about when you have downtime.

Remember, a fully booked schedule doesn’t mean you’re highly productive. It means you’re busy.

You’re not sure what you actually want.

It’s hard to be intentional without knowing what your intentions are.

Sounds simple but more often than not, we’re wishing to have this, look like that, or do this but we’re not taking the time to decide where those priorities lie.

If you don’t know what you want, then you’ll likely never decide to get it.

Indecisiveness is the death of intentionality.

Seriously, there’s no way you’ll get anywhere if you don’t decide to go in the first place.

And as we’ve all heard before, the direction is more important than speed.

So start considering what you actually want and let your mind start to roam down the path of where you might start or how to get that thing.

You’re being too general and too big picture.

Once you have some direction, don’t needlessly overwhelm yourself. 

Your day won’t be more intentional if you write “start a business” for Monday’s task.

It simply won’t get done and then you’ll beat yourself up for it.

And so the story goes.

You’re not alone, I get it and we’ve all been there. 

We overestimate what we can get done in a day and then let that discourage us from getting it done over the span of a week.

But by being more specific and knowing what you can handle in a day, you’ll find more tasks getting done and you’ll have a sense of accomplishment when you kick your feet up.

Need help planning your week? Read this: How To Plan Your Week With Intention For Productivity

So stop Do More culture!

Let’s cancel that and start to own being intentional with your time.

For me, it starts with an early productive morning to set the tone for the rest of the day.

If you feel like your morning routine could use some fine-tuning, I’ve got you covered with this easy 5 step morning routine!

I believe in you, so start getting clear with what you want and getting comfortable with downtime.

Let me know how your week changes once you implement intentional and mindful strategies into your routine!


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