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For When You Need The Inspiration To Keep Going


This post is all about finding inspiration to keep going.

A Flawless Journey

Most people seem to believe this one lie even though it doesn’t make any sense.

They think that their journey has to be flawless.

Someone might argue that’s ridiculous (and it is) but when that same someone is trying something new and it doesn’t go perfectly or they realize how difficult it might be…

They give up.

Let’s admit we’ve all been there and usually “there” is January of every new year.

You’re going to the gym every day, not eating chocolate, skipping that nightly glass of wine…

And then the day comes and you’ve missed the gym or ate twelve chocolate bars because you couldn’t help yourself.

At that moment, we feel like we’ve failed and there isn’t a reason to keep going – and we give up.

Yet didn’t we all just agree like eight sentences ago that the journey doesn’t have to be flawless? That we get wiggle room to make mistakes and redeem ourselves?

So why are we giving up on the first mistep?

FAIL: First Attempt In Learning

Even if you’ve quit something before, it doesn’t have to stay “quitted”.

You could always choose to start working towards that goal or dream again.

( More about unpausing your goals here. )

Just because something didn’t go perfectly the first time through, there’s no one stopping you from deciding to try again.

You aren’t starting back at square one, you’re taking the knowledge from your previous attempts and using that to improve each following attempt.

The only sure-fire way to not succeed at something is to stop trying.

Can we agree that it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve tried something so long as you don’t give up?

The real inspiration to keep going.

Where does it come from?

How can you stay focused and not grow impatient when it feels like nothing’s changing?

Insert something about Rome not being built in a day and all the other quotes about how big change takes time.

C’mon you know what I’m talking about.

You’re not going to change every bad habit and implement an entirely new routine in your life at the drop of a hat.

It just doesn’t work that way.

Lasting change is a product of small shifts that overtime take you far from where you started.

Personally, I take great relief from knowing that every tiny change is feeding into something greater and that I can put in some work each day to change the course of a year.

Now you might be thinking “A year?! I can’t wait a WHOLE year! This chick’s crazy!”.

Slow down and answer this –

If you want this to be a lasting change (like potentially lasting until the day you die), then what’s the rush to have it all done right away in this moment?

Why the hurry if you want this goal to be your forever?

Most of the inspiration to keep going is knowing that you’ll get there by giving yourself to a goal every day, not that one day you’ll be there and then you don’t have to do anything anymore.

Are you doing this for the result or for what the result will mean to you?

There’s a difference and you need to be honest with yourself WHY you are doing something.

What’s your Why?

If you know what your change/dream/goal will bring you, that can be part of your why.

Losing weight might keep the doctor from saying you’re obese at your annual physical but what does it mean for your life?

Getting a new job might mean you’re not working in the same envionment anymore but what does it mean?

See what I’m getting at?

Your Why has to be deeper than “once I lose weight I’ll be happy” or “once I get a new job I won’t hate my life”.

Those reasons don’t mean anything and don’t inspire you to put in the hard work when the going gets tough.

But if you know that losing weight might mean you’re able to keep up with your grandkids and enjoy a life without health complications…

Or that getting a new job will mean finally pursuing a career that you can apply your passions to… that MEANS something.

And that is where your inspiration to keep going comes from.

So what do your goals mean to you?

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