motivational speeches for success in life

3 Motivational Speeches For Success In Life Under 27 Minutes


Here are 3 motivational speeches for success in life in UNDER 27 MINUTES (you’ll thank me later)!

Sometimes we need a quick reminder of our power, our abilities, and what we’re able to do when we put our mind to it.

Listening to some of the great inspirations give motivational speeches is the quickest way to hype yourself up!

And what better than motivational talks from some amazing leading ladies?

3 Fantastic Female Speakers

Mel Robbins

Mel is a renowned motivational and keynote speaker, a CNN legal and social commentator, the creator of The 5 Second Rule, and a best-selling author.

She’s also just really cool.

Her 5 Second Rule is said to change lives and I can attest to that!

Mentality and mindset are everything, so this interview with Mel is the perfect start to our motivational speeches saga!

In case you’re looking for more of Mel, you can go to her personal website here.

Luvvie Ajayi Jones

Guys, if you need a refresher on who Luvvie is…

Please read any of my book recommendations posts. I seriously cannot get enough of her.

Here is the book recommendation mentioned above.

But the SparkNotes version of her accolades is NYT Bestselling author, speaker, and activist.

Her TED Talk is still getting hundreds of views daily and the backstory behind the talk was that she wasn’t even sure she wanted to give it!

Yet she stepped up and gave this amazing moment to all of us (to watch over and over again).

Listen up you guys, it’s worth it –

Need more information to start obsessing about Luvvie? Check out her personal website here.


Um, I couldn’t create this list without Oprah.

Simply, it can’t be done.

And I don’t think I need to give a bio on Oprah… that would just make me question humanity.

SO, let’s wrap this up with some ultimate motivation from OW.


Don’t you feel just all pumped up to get after those goals?!

For women giving motivational speeches for success in life, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Which one is your favorite? Let me know!

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