Now You’ll Know How To Find Your Passion And Purpose


If you’re struggling with how to find your passion and purpose, let me get you pointed in the right direction with this quick post about giving your life direction and momentum!

First let’s start by considering this…

How to find your passion.

Has anyone ever asked you what you’re passionate about?

Maybe as an interview question or a quick speed dating query (and you a little bit hate that person that asked).

So often we don’t know what our passions are or are ~supposed~ to be and that can be a defeating feeling.

However, discovering your passion can be easier than you think!

Ask yourself these questions:

What do I love to have conversations about?

There’s always subjects we’re extremely excited about.

You know the ones, when you’re tying to steer the conversation that specific direction…

Or your ears perk up when you hear certain buzzwords.

That’s a great indicator of something your passionate about, and it could be ANYTHING!

So what’s something you love talking about?

What are you always willing to learn more about?

Classic battles like Kate versus reading the 1,500+ page novel or my brother versus any automechanic problem…

People will give up or hire someone else to do it when they don’t feel it’s worth it but we all have something that we want to “outsmart” and become pro at.

Whether it’s a hobby or a topic, there’s something that you’ll never know everything about and that excites you, no?

What are you willing to learn more about?

What do you keep coming back to?

Whether physically or mentally, what can’t you stop doing or thinking about?

Maybe it’s hot yoga or taking pictures of the sunset or wanting to start your own online store of woodburned art!

It’s lingering in your mind and in your muscle memory for a reason.

What has been persistent in your life?

I think you’re starting to get an idea of what your passions might be and that’s half of it.

And how to find purpose?

So, how to find your passion and purpose…

Let me clear the air with a statement you need to hear.

You are completely impactful in your own way and get this, your potential is ~limitless~ .

Unfortunately, sometimes we get in our own heads about what we can and can’t do, which prevents us from reaching our full potential.

And I’m right here with you! It’s a struggle we all face.

First, you have to kick those limiting beliefs and I wrote this blog post that’s the perfect place to start.

Be honest with yourself too, if you’re not willing to get uncomfortable and address your limiting beliefs then what’s going to change?

If you don’t change, nothing will change for you.

It’s as simple (and complex) as that.

But luckily, that’s where our purpose and passions come into the picture.

If we know what we’re passionate about, then we can work towards owning and fulfilling our purpose.

Consider this, if you love talking about money and learning about finance then maybe part of your purpose is finding a way to educate others that don’t have this incredible knack you do!

Or if you love motivating people and writing, maybe your purpose is to use your words to influence and impact others ?

Allow your purpose to help direct your energy, so the habits you’re building and decisions you’re making support what you care about.

Once you start doing this, you’ll find so much more meaning in your days instead of hoping it’ll all be worth it when we’re at the end of our line.

That got a little #honest at the end there, but you have to become who you were meant to be!

Now you know how to find your passion and purpose, you got this.

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